SnatchPac are one of the largest packaging suppliers in the United Kingdom, industry leaders with over 21 years of experience who needed to update their existing website to reflect up-to-date website design trends.

Webfold designed and built the brand new SnatchPac website using the WordPress CMS system allowing the client to update the website with ease to reflect changes and updates to their business.

The SnatchPac website is designed in a way to convert visitors in to prospects using sales-funnel techniques and the feedback we have received from our client has been hugely positive.

Vigo Studios

Vigo Studios is a state of the art recording studio in the heart of Birmingham. With hundreds of recording studios across the West Midlands Vigo Studios came to Webfold to become a leader within their competitors.

Webfold Solutions designed Vigo Studios brand identity using up-to-date design tools, ensuring that their brand stood strong amongst other competitors.

Once the brand identity was fully developed Webfold then took on the task of designing and building a CMS powered website which had booking facilities and enabled the client to update the website with total confidence and ease.

The brand design and website development together with publishing business cards and flyers have allowed our client Vigo Studios to be a cut above the rest in their industry.