Instagram Marketing; an introduction

Since Instagram was bought for $1 billion by Facebook more and more businesses have looked at integrating Instagram with their overall Social Media Marketing strategy.

Simply put  Instagram is a social media network focussed solely on photographs. User interaction is limited to commenting on photos, liking and following other users.

The social network is in effect a mobile app, which is available on Apple, Android and Windows devices.

Business wise, the first thing to understand about Instagram is that there are no advertising opportunities within the social network. Advertising is not permitted on the website.

So if you’ve set your sights on Instagram marketing with the view the social network being another push-channel to advertise through then you need to stop before you’ve even started. You will not get anywhere doing this.

We deliver Instagram marketing for one of our clients as part of their wider social media strategy. This client is a national chain of hugely popular restaurants dotted around the UK. What we do on Instagram is interact with users who are already tagging the brand name in their snaps of themselves in restaurants.

Our role on Instagram for the brand is to facilitate, enable and encourage users to use Instagram in a way which indirectly advertises our client’s brand.

Every time they take a photo of themselves whilst in one of the client’s restaurants or use the brand name hash tag they are telling their hundreds of followers a number of things, such as good times happen at those restaurants.

What can you imagine is more successful; a brand representative telling you that their product is the best around or a friend saying how great a product is as part of every day normal conversation?

Instagram marketing is about the planned process to facilitate, enable and encourage users to behave in a way that is consistent with brand-desireable actions.

How is it done? Contact us or give us a call on 0121 403 3937 and we can talk.


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